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Who We Are

Saint Boss Construction is an interior design, interior fit-out, structural and road construction firm.

Our Mission

To improve mankind’s living & working standards through construction.

Core Values

Empathy, Clear communication, Honesty, Integrity, Innovation, Timeliness, Quality


Delivering our clients quality work

Our sectors

Residential Constructions

Residential construction involves the process of building and developing structures intended for people to live in, such as single-family homes, apartments, and condominiums. The goal is to create safe, comfortable, and functional living spaces that meet the needs of the occupants.

Commercial Constructions

Commercial construction refers to the process of building structures intended for business purposes, such as office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, and hotels. The goal is to create functional and appealing spaces that meet the needs of businesses and their customers while adhering to safety and building regulations

Infrastructure Constructions

Infrastructure construction involves the building of essential facilities and structures necessary for the functioning of a society, such as roads, bridges, airports, water treatment plants, sewage systems, and power grids. The goal is to provide an efficient, reliable, and safe infrastructure that supports economic growth and improves the quality of life.

Industrial Constructions

Industrial Construction Industrial construction involves the building of structures used for the manufacturing, processing, and distribution of goods and services, such as factories, warehouses, power plants, and refineries. The goal is to create functional and efficient industrial spaces that can handle heavy machinery and equipment while meeting safety and environmental standards.

Our way


At our construction company, we are committed to promoting sustainability in all of our projects. We recognize that the construction industry has a significant impact on the environment, and we are dedicated to minimizing this impact through various sustainable practices. Our approach to sustainability involves careful planning and design, the use of environmentally friendly materials and construction techniques, and the reduction of waste and energy consumption.


We prioritize the incorporation of renewable energy sources and the use of recycled materials wherever possible, and we strive to ensure that our projects meet or exceed all relevant sustainability standards and regulations. Ultimately, our goal is to create sustainable buildings and infrastructure that benefit both our clients and the environment for years to come.


Providing exceptional construction services and insight from the start.


We watch out for each other.

We want every employee and trade partner to feel that they are part of a common good and cohesive team. We help our teams form stronger relationships with trade partners by emphasizing people and teamwork over processes and checklists.

We redefine
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Meet our leadership

Prince Mugoya


“I believe in favorably impacting people, families and communities with our work, our projects and our charitable efforts. It’s an exciting place to be every day and our opportunities to contribute will grow as we continue to grow around in Kenya.”

Ann Omare


“With over 15 years in interior design, Ann holds degrees in Interior Design and Project Management. Her leadership style, enhanced by a passion for learning and swimming, fosters innovation. She drives success in the fast-paced world of technology, shaping trends and transformation strategies”

Leminton Ngunjiri


In essence, I am a Civil Engineer with an entrepreneurial spirit, a lover of all things canine, and an admirer of Porsche’s engineering marvels. Join me as I continue to build both structures and dreams, all while cherishing the simple joys of life.



Our people are dedicated to finding solutions to every challenge. That spirit makes for some great stories.

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