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Nyandarua GK Prisons

Nyandarua GK Prison Greenhouses

In a harmonious collaboration, our esteemed construction company took on the visionary project of erecting two cutting-edge greenhouses for the Nyandarua GK Prisons. Fueled by a commitment to technological advancement, we endeavoured to provide a robust infrastructure that aligns seamlessly with the institution’s agricultural aspirations.

These greenhouses stand as a testament to our dedication to precision and excellence in construction. Tailored to the unique needs of Nyandarua’s climatic conditions, the structures now serve as protective havens for the cultivation of high-value crops, including tomatoes, capsicums, and Irish potatoes.


By integrating state-of-the-art technology, we’ve not only addressed the challenges posed by the cold and chilly climate but also facilitated meticulous control over crucial production factors. Our construction prowess ensures a secure environment for the mitigation of crop diseases, effective pest control, precise irrigation management, and optimal temperature regulation.

As a construction company committed to transformative projects, we take pride in contributing to the realization of Nyandarua GK Prisons’ agricultural vision. Together, we’ve constructed more than just greenhouses; we’ve cultivated a sustainable and innovative platform that harmonizes with the institution’s goals. This project stands as a beacon of our company’s capabilities in seamlessly merging construction excellence with agricultural innovation.