Our way


Saint Boss takes a comprehensive view of sustainability through our 5P Model to ensure that our efforts result in positive outcomes for our partners, people, projects, practices and places.

Our Approach

4P Model of Sustainability

Our approach to sustainability ensures we act in a socially responsible and environmentally respectful manner and that we continually measure, evaluate and increase sustainability efforts.


Collaborating as client-focused solution providers to deliver exceptional results to all stakeholders, all the time


Engaging employees by providing education, resources and support


Involvement in all phases of a project’s life before, during and after its construction


Improving operations through measurement, communication and integration of sustainable building practices

Inclusive and diverse workforce

We know the decisions we make today will have lasting impacts on our communities well into the future, so we place significant importance on our role. Our clients expect us to operate and build sustainably while delivering exceptional levels of service. Focusing on our social responsibilities encourages our project teams to think beyond the basics of project delivery and to consider innovative ways to become even more efficient and effective while delivering unsurpassed value.

A Legacy of Community Giving

We strive to create a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the communities we serve. We provide opportunities for employee growth and development through training, mentoring, and career advancement. We value open communication, respect, and teamwork

Building Lasting Partnerships

We continually strive to be a client focused solution provider that delivers exceptional results to all stakeholders. Our partnerships include those with clients, consultants, trade contractors, suppliers and industry associations. Building strong partnerships with this diverse network of people and organizations is win-win for all, as it takes a team effort to deliver on the complex design and construction challenges encountered when striving to meet higher levels of sustainable performance.



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