Leminton Ngunjiri


Years at Konstruktion:

3 Years

Years in the Industry:

3 Years

A Civil Engineering enthusiast with an unyielding passion for the world of business. As much as I adore calculating structural loads and designing sturdy bridges, my heart truly beats for the thrill of entrepreneurship.

My journey into the realm of business began during the turbulent times of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the midst of uncertainty, my friend Prince and I embarked on a daring adventure, co-founding Saint Boss Construction. Despite the odds stacked against us, we believed in our vision to construct not only buildings but opportunities for growth and innovation.

Beyond the blueprints and boardrooms, I find solace in the company of dogs and the sleek elegance of Porsches. These two worlds, seemingly different, represent my dual passions—a love for the loyal companionship of man’s best friend and the pursuit of automotive excellence.

In essence, I am a Civil Engineer with an entrepreneurial spirit, a lover of all things canine, and an admirer of Porsche’s engineering marvels. Join me as I continue to build both structures and dreams, all while cherishing the simple joys of life.